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AI In Action
Power Your Productivity with AI in 2 Weeks

Learn AI without previous tech skills, apply it in your job and everyday life. In just 2 weeks, gain essential AI skills and hands-on experience to power your work and become more productive.

Empower your AI success journey now and thrive in today's changing work world

2-weeks | interactive online live sessions | a skills-first approach

Program Cost – 495 USD

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About the Program

AI In Action offers a community-driven, cohort-based course specifically designed for non-technical women eager to integrate AI into their daily work. This program equips you with essential AI knowledge and hands-on experience, preparing you for the changing workforce landscape. 

Join us to unlock an AI-powered future that values your time, allowing you to save up to 10 hours on routine tasks each week without any technical background required. Embrace a smarter, more efficient lifestyle and transform how you work with AI In Action.

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Cohort 2: March 5 
March 5 - March 15, 2024
Two Weeks
Live interactive online sessions
3-4 hours per week
Live sessions Tu & Thu
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm EST
+ on demand
 Community Learning
Build relationships and a global network

Who it's for

Be inspired by the future

The AI in Action Program is specifically tailored for non-technical women professionals from all industries, sectors, and backgrounds who are eager to augment their work with AI. No prior AI experience is necessary.


All leaders, allies, and champions (of any gender) passionate about unlocking the AI's opportunities, and who are responsible for the career development of others, are also encouraged to attend.

Walk away with:

Benefits of the Program

  • Understand AI Basics: Gain a solid understanding of AI and Ethics

  • Get back your time for work that matters

  • Learn how to use AI: Explore the latest AI tools, learn prompting and practical hands on activities

  • Demonstrate leadership in navigating the ever-changing world of AI

  • Become the AI Go-To-Guide in your organization

  • Certificate of Completion

What makes us special?

Preparing you for the workforce of the future

We're not just teaching skills; we're preparing you to thrive in an AI-driven future.
Community Learning
Weekly live sessions and a dedicated peer group to enrich your learning experience.
Global AI Network
Upon graduation, you will  join a global AI network, with members from over 65 countries to continue advancing your AI knowledge. 
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Earn a Certificate.
Set yourself apart.

Get recognized for your AI Productivity skills with a Certificate of Completion from Mia - Mission Impact Academy. Amplify your career mobility with in demand skill certifications. 

Meet your Program Guides

Navigate the fast evolving AI landscape with Mia guides
The program is guided and supported by a global team of AI specialists, startup founders, and pioneers in AI and emerging technologies. Together they offer a unique blend of future-focused insights, practical knowledge, and real-world experiences, all aimed at equipping participants to excel in the rapidly evolving fields of AI and leadership.
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Retired CEO FSDH Merchant Bank

Thanks, Mia. I found it so energizing when I discovered the capabilities provided by ChatGPT and other LLMs. It's like having a personal research assistant working with me that can do some of the work. Mia and the Global AI Leadership program had a huge impact on me in terms of what I can take on and knowing that I will have the time and the ability to do it and do the work and do it well.


Founder, Cuanu Consult

Mia’s Global AI leadership program provided me the tools and resources to enhance my company's social media presence and create winning material for new contracts. It was well organized. The resource and live trainers leaders that we had access to made everything very engaging. My advice for anyone thinking about joining the Mia Learning Network or taking a program with Mia is to seize the opportunity!


Head Marketing & Communications InCore Bank

What surprised me most about the program, first of all, was the energy. We enjoyed such vivid sessions. The learning environment allowed us not to be afraid to discover new things. We are generally a bit more reserved and hold back, and it was really eye-opening for me to just «trial or error» through the sessions. Embarking on this discovery journey was the absolutely most important part for me – experiencing all the possibilities of AI for someone with a non-technical background.

Watch the video

Program Learning Journey

Learn Skills of the Future 
In just 2 weeks, gain essential AI skills and hands-on experience to power your work and become more productive.

Week 1

The Future is Here
Introduction to AI and its Impact

Hands on Learning Prompt Design
Getting started with prompting


Week 2

My day with AI
How I use AI in my work & AI case studies. Experimenting AI tools and resources.

AI in Action
Hands-on learning 


Graduation in the Metaverse

Graduate the completion of the program in Mia Metaverse
Bonus material 

AI cheatsheets with over 100+ industry prompts

Access to Exclusive On-Demand Micro Lessons



Prepare your talent for the workforce of tomorrow

About Mia

Public Benefit Corporation
Mia is a pioneering Global AI Academy empowering forward-thinking companies and non-technical women through education in AI and emerging technologies. Our goal is to upskill 1 million women worldwide and unlock 100,000 jobs accelerating the advancement of AI skills, and driving inclusive innovation in the AI space.
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